My name is Sinéad (she/her) and I am a queer + mixed creative. 


Being based in a global nexus of art, passion, and creativity, I am drawn to capturing authentic moments of life and I aim to view my work through an anthropological lens. I hope to use art to elevate traditionally unheard voices that have been ignored for too long. 

I’m originally from San Francisco and am based in NYC. At the height of COVID-19 I relocated to Oahu, Hawaii where I lived for 6 months. While here, I delved into my own Hawaiian roots and began creating pieces of art honoring my ancestors, land, and culture.


I received my BS from New York University in Media, Culture, and Communication with minors in Studio Art and Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. I am pursuing my MA in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University School for the Arts. 


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Based in New York City

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